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Rooms  carbide 

[Needles, Cannons  cutting, Drills, Pilots] 

MSTBtech  is a family business  run by Mr and Mrs Staubach.

Made up of 45 employees 

It offers all types of parts  in carbide  high degrees of finish  (Micron)

With the superfinish option  the punches  have a lifespan 20 x longer (20,000,000  cuts)

Principle of operation:
1 - Sending a document of your  rooms  in format: 
- step - dxf - pdf  X  [quantity per pieces ] 
2 - Verification  / Validation 
3 - Reception  of the offer in principle  within a deadline  of 2/3  days     depending on the number and complexity of the parts
    [Needles, Cannons  cutting, Drills, Pilots] 
4 - Last  discussion before order 
5 - Order received  valid  : not
6 - Reception  n + 3-4 weeks
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