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DIMAC is a Japanese company, specialized  in the manufacture of feeders


Dimac feeders are renowned for their reliability, ease of installation and use.

Dimac feeders are compact in design and offer extremely precise feeding, easy installation and benchmark performance.


The Dimac feed controller is installed in the upper part of the body and with the addition of a few accessories it can be offset or tilted to meet the needs of the operator.


In the event of a serious failure, all you need to do is remove and replace the damaged unit from the Dimac feeder, without having to make any changes to the hardware or software.


This means that downtime can be limited to a few minutes if a controller is kept in stock. The average installation time is approximately 45 seconds.

No specific staff training is required and each Dimac feeder series shares a similar construction philosophy; the only differences lie in the configuration and the mechanics.

          Below is a brochure for the different types of Dimac feeders

A Pinces
Push pull
Dimac model H25 feeders
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